What is TrustSearch and how it work?

TrustSearch.io allows users to centralize their online social and sharing economy presence at the same place, therefore centralizing Trust to use it better. Anyone can then know if you can trust – or not – people, shops, brands or services. Everyone can use it and it is completely free.

TrustSearch introduces a Trust Score (below 70/100), a Trust Trend (green arrow below) and a Transitive Trust (75% Trustable below) for each user:

What is a TrustScore?

TrustScore is an intelligent algorithm that offers a reliable confidence score from 0 to 100 based on your existing social interactions and signals. TrustScore combines trust ratings from social media, review sites, online marketplaces, sharing economy apps, and more. TrustScore is the most reliable and powerful tool for trust assessment, allowing anybody to trust anyone safely – or not. You don’t need to be logged-in to see it.

What is a TrustTrend?

Trust is time-sensitive and must be reactive. Trust ratings can take some time to catch up to the day-to-day actions of an individual or business. TrustTrend is a real-time representation of a user’s trust score based on recent actions. If someone starts to do bad actions, his TrustScore can take a few days to drop to reflect these new bad signals. TrustTrend is there to know the real-time evolution of Trust. You don’t need to be logged-in to see it.

What is TransitiveTrust?

Do you know the small-world phenomenon where everyone is connected to anyone by a maximum of six degrees of separation? Transitive Trust is a revolutionary and unique approach to individualized trust – each user has their own personalized result. Based on your close network and real empowering links, Transitive Trust allows you to engage in real trust with a stranger around the world. Transitive trust can be considered as a massive, highly reliable network of people who vouch the people they trust. Once logged-in and once “connected” with some people yourself know and trust (also called vouchers), you can know how many “circles” separate you from others profiles, and even better, you know if they are trustworthy or not. This unique idea allows TrustSearch to make very specific, pertinent recommendations, tailored and trustable.

You can increase your TrustScore and TrustTrend by:

  • Connecting your other accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Ebay…), it is very easy and intuitive in just a few clicks.
  • Be “Trusted” by others users (it is similar to a “Like” on other social platforms).
  • Be endorsed by a very limited amount of vouchers on TrustSearch. You also endorse them in return, it means if they do bad actions, your Trust goes down, and if you do bad actions, then their Trust goes down.

Empowering Trust

Our mutual behavior impacts both of us, good or bad. It is very similar to the real-life: if you recommend a bad restaurant to someone, this person will blame you. And on the contrary, if this restaurant is excellent then this person will be so grateful to you, will trust you even more, and will even talk about your recommendation to his own circle, often mentioning you as the initial source. And yes, often the same circles likes the same things, this is why the TransitiveTrust is so powerful: qualified of direct and indirect recommendations. These empowering links are the reason why TrustSearch and TransitiveTrust works: it is the only way to empower everyone and to recreate the real life trust digitally. This way, webs of real connections are emerging, the good ones being clearly separated from the bad ones.


How about a scammer creating account(s), can he build good TrustScore and use TrustSearch to scam more people?

First, on TrustSearch, it could be doable to fake one platform, but it would be more challenging to fake many.

Second, it is very difficult to make fake social interactions, such as going to Airbnb apartment when you have not gone.

Third, thanks to our TrustChain system (TransitiveTrust), fake accounts will be very easy to spot since they will not be linked with real people and real interactions… therefore fake account nodes will be disconnected from other real nodes, even if there are several millions.

On TrustSearch, Trust is self regulated and unfakeable by design.


If you take a minute to think about it: Trust is something almost priceless that we already use in everyday’s life. Converted digitally through TrustSearch, it is a new way to better know and trust people and services even before you meet or know them, through the power of our network.

  • Imagine knowing that you will be scammed before losing money.
  • Imagine creating a new account on a new service, and transferring all your existing Trust and reputation from all your existing accounts on this new account.
  • Imagine while traveling, having the best car-rental indirect recommendation from one friend of your friend because he came here months ago, and you would never know it without TrustSearch automatic relevance.
  • Imagine having a problem and being able to use the phone of someone you know only through TrustSearch; he can be sure that you are trustworthy and won’t steal him.
  • And the list goes on…

TrustSearch offers an almost unlimited new field of applications: from online sales, to sharing economy, recruitment, dating, real participative democracy… but also real and unfakeable rating, and almost anything that imply Trust relations.

Where traditional search engines and social networks are not really bringing any more value, where limits are reached, we found a revolutionary means to offer a better way to connect people and services in a new sharing economy world.